The Drop Tower

Spesification :

  • Heigh 4 m
  • Fall duration 0.8 s
  • Box dimension 20 x 35 x 40 cm
  • Recording speed 480fps (slow motion)
  • The box magnetically attached to the top of the tower, powered by the electricity
  • The box free falls as the electricity disconnected



Camera Casio Exillim EX - ZR700

Specification :

  • Number od Effective Pixel : Approximately 16.1 megapixel (/million)
  • Image Sensor : 1/2.3-inch high-speed CMOS (back illuminated type). Total Pixels : 16.79 megapixels(/millions)
  • Aperture : F3.5 (W) to F7.0 (W)*1*2
  • Lens : Construction : 11 lenses in 10 groups, including aspherical lens
  • F-number : F3.5(W) to F5.9(T)
  • Focal Length : F=4.5 to 81.0 mm 35mm-Film Equivalent : Approx. 25 to 450 mm


The Proposals - Part 1 

Proposal Tittle Students
Microgravity effect to the harmonic motion of the spring and pendulum Erick W Ramas et. al
The effect of Microgravity condition of solid CO (Dry Ice) Using Drop Tower Rachmah Diah et. al
Smoke Experiment under microgravity Condition Nur Islamiah et. al
Comparison of the Microgravity Effect  to the flies behaviour using drop tower experiment Aditya Negara et. al
Experiment to verify the microgravity phenomena: Marble, Ice cream stick, shreded paper Ricky Algiffari, Dimas Faisal
Floating with Microgravity : solid cube Moch. Sapto, M. Adang
Helium Baloon Behavior under Microgravity Arief Muhammad, Bagus Unggul
Comparison of the efficiency of alternative fuel (biodesel) usage under normal gravity and Microgravity Maulana Muammar, Muhammad Rafli
Microgravity effect to the Microgravity space Ridho Syifa e. al
Microgravity effect to the structure and fluoresence event on white phosporus Daniah Arthamevia, Jihan Qonita
The observation of physical behavior of liquid and gas fuel under Microgravity as the criteria to select the efficient fuel for space journey:  Methane gas inside baloon and gasoline inside plastik bag Hardiansyah ilga, Naufal Muhammad
Microgravity : Water in the baloon Kristien Ester, Aisiyah Annisa, Siti Dea Aditia
Experiment on water and oil under Microgravity using Drop tower  Ariatama Rizki, Iwan Shofwan
Microgravity Experiment using drop tower: gas baloon inside mason jar Tiwi Rizkia, M Tri Aditya
Microgravity experiment on liquid, lamp and soda Muhammad Amarulloh, Badrit Tamami
Oil and water under Microgravity as a planetary differentation model : water and oil within glass ball  Aiunur Ridho, Sailul Azmi
Oxygen and Carbondioxide activities under Microgravity condition by analyzing water and oil movement using drop tower Annia Fitriani, Wisnu Adi
Microgravity Experiment using droptower with soft drink Masagus Haidir, Muslih Abdul
Microgravity effect on HCL and Alumunium Foil chemical Reaction  Muhammad Diaz
Experiment on relation of oil and water under Microgravity condition Titi Widianingrum, Olvianti, Miranti riska
Microgravity effect on food transport rate of plants M. Bashroni Shidqon, Dian Awaliasari
Microgravity Effect on falling cotton Dewi Sartika, Resti Indah K
Microgravity Effect on floating, submerging and sinking objects Ibadh Dwi Satyo Handika, Muhammad Akhlishil
The Convection effect on physical and chemical change of fire candle under Microgravity  Nur Badri, Yunita
Microgravity: Water in the bottle, gas in the baloon, rock Akhiar Kurniawan, Esmeyralda Putri



Drop Tower setinggi 4 m yang digunakan untk pengujian mikrogravitasi, durasi waktu jatuh adalah 0,8 detik dengan kotak pengujian

berdimensi 20 x 35 x 40 cm. Drop tower dilengkapi dengan detektor kamera Casio Exilim EX-ZR700 yang merekam dengan kecepatan tinggi (480 fps).